A wonderful sexual lubricant and so much more... Learn why Divine 9 is one of the only lubricants on the market with a patented formula

Divine 9® personal lubricant was originally created to be a silky, sensual sex lube. The very special sea weed extract called CarraShield® creates a luxurious, slippery feel that dries clean, never sticky or tacky.  The hypoallergenic ingredients feel great on your body and even better on your partner's.  

Divine 9's formula has been granted a U.S. Patent, perhaps the only lubricant on the market with such special ingredients that it merited the protection of a patent. 


The scientific community has been researching the anti-viral properties of Divine 9.  You can learn more here

Consumer Notice:  The research on HPV is not complete and the FDA has not reviewed and approved the studies.  Use Divine 9 only for the pleasure of enjoying an ultra-premium personal lubricant.  CarraShield Labs makes no claim that Divine 9 can help prevent, cure or mitigate any disease or infection.




HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and is the cause of cervical, throat and anal cancer, making it the world's most critical sexual wellness problem.

HPV is the most widespread STI in the World




Divine 9® is a water-based personal lubricant containing CarraShield®, our proprietary blend of sea algae extracts called carrageenan.  CarraShield is so unique and special it has been granted U.S. Patent 10,688,043 "Personal lubricants comprising lambda-carrageenan."  Divine 9 with CarraShield offers a silky, slippery feel and evaporates cleanly, without the sticky feel of other chemical-based lubricants.


Plant-based Divine 9 is used in numerous scientific studies that you can read about here.  These studies are not complete so consumers must be aware that Divine 9 is not FDA approved for HPV prevention and CarraShield Labs makes no such claim.  Instead, while the research on HPV prevention continues, please enjoy the exotic, sensual feel of Divine 9 today as a personal lubricant that both you and your partner will enjoy.



Intimacy is an amazing thing. It makes us excited, happy, ecstatic. Other times it makes us shy, anxious, and sometimes can be painful.  A great personal lubricant like Divine 9 can help make good sensations even better.  Divine 9 can also eliminate discomfort and pain from vaginal dryness.


CarraShield Labs is committed to creating products that add to the fun of sexuality, because we know that a product that creates an enjoyable experience is one people will use again and again.   


CarraShield Labs also believes in research. Divine 9 personal lubricants are being clinically tested by some of the most qualified researchers in the world to determine their ability to block HPV infections.  This research is not complete so for now, enjoy Divine 9 for the sensual feel it gives you and your partner.


Count on CarraShield Labs to continue to bring you wonderful products like Divine 9 with CarraShield, which you can trust to be simply the best there are anywhere.