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CarraShield Labs Granted U.S. Patent for Anti-viral Protective Gel

September 23, 2020

CarraShield Labs, Inc. announced today that Chief Science Officer Dr. Mario Tremblay has been issued a U.S. patent for a plant-based, gel technology with anti-viral properties. This is the first non-vaccine technology ever developed that attempts to reduce HPV infections in a form that can be easily applied topically by both men and women.  Read more...


McGill University Medical School Publishes Results on HPV Prevention Study with Divine 9

March 11, 2019

New research results from the McGill University Medical School were just published.  Women in the double-blind study had a reduced likelihood of contracting cancer-causing HPV infections when using Divine 9® personal lubricant with its proprietary CarraShield® sea algae extract as compared to women using a placebo lubricant.  Read the study...